note-taking is a form of thinking

[[ 2020-12-29 ]] #note-taking #cognition #metacognition #zettelkasten

As an extension of our own memory, the slip-box is the medium we think in, not something we think about. The note sequences are the clusters where order emerges from complexity. We extract information from different linear sources and mix it all up and shake it until new patterns emerge. Then, we form these patterns into new linear texts. [[ B-How To Take Smart Notes ]]

Note-taking also changes the way we think. The zettelkasten method changes the way one works with their own thoughts, and thus how one processes their own thoughts.

For example, when I get a thought, it isn’t just about writing it down, but also about how to embed it in the context of my other thoughts, and thinking about how it can contribute to existing trains of thought ( [[ evergreen notes should expand over time with new and relevant information ]]).

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