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👋 Hey there, welcome to my site.


I’m an independent contractor specializing in Holochain development and distributed/interoperable application design. I’m currently working with Sprillow and Lightning Rod Labs on a number of projects, including Acorn, one of the most mature holochain applications, and hREA, a commons-oriented economic coordination and accounting framework built on Holochain. I’m also interested in exploring new social application protocols and patterns enabled by Holochain’s architecture. This mostly includes Neighbourhoods, which is building generic tooling for groupware, and Perspect3vism, infrastructure aimed at supporting an agent-centric, distributed, and interoperable web. You can find more of my development work by visiting my github profile.


I enjoy reading, writing, filmmaking and generally communicating challenging topics in accessible ways. You can explore some of my personal work by visiting my:

I also love listening to podcasts and they are one of the main ways I continue to expand my understanding of the world. Checkout a list my favourites here: podcasts.

I am interested in learning, knowledge management & synthesis, collective epistemic processes, sense-making, and the digital tools that can enhance these activities.

about this site

I am primarily using this site as a space to share my writing and research on various topics, which is structured as a digital garden. You can explore my digital garden by following the link and navigating my notes as a graph.

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