I’m a fullstack developer and entrepreneur working on distributed web applications and knowledge management systems. Currently, I’m helping build a DeSci product that makes it easy for scientists to FAIRify their social media data and turn them into semantic nanopulications. You can learn more about this project here.

I’m fascinated by tools-for-thought and the way they can shape our relationship to knowledge and notes. On that front I’ve been experimenting with RAG-pipelines in the context of a personal knowledge base for the purpose of resurfaces prior notes in contextually relevant ways, helping people leverage their past writing without the overhead of expert-user workflows. This builds on the insights gained from the research project Scaling Synthesis.

I’ve also worked extensively with Holochain, a distributed application framework offering a new way to build and deploy applications that are scalable, secure, and interoperable. My work with Holochain has been primarily focused on building social sense-making applications and economic coordination systems, including Coasys, Neighbourhoods, and hREA. Please visit my github profile for a full list of the various open-source projects I have contributed to over the years.

Overall, I’m passionate about the future of an open internet and continue to explore the most promising open-source technologies and protocols that can help us get there. If you’re interested in collaborating on a project, please reach out via any of the contact methods below.

personal interests

I enjoy reading, writing, filmmaking and generally communicating challenging topics in accessible ways. You can explore some of my personal work by visiting my:

I also love listening to podcasts and they are one of the main ways I continue to expand my understanding of the world. Checkout a list of my favourites here: podcasts.

I am interested in learning, knowledge management & synthesis, collective epistemic processes, sense-making, and the digital tools that can enhance these activities.

about this site

I am primarily using this site as a space to share my writing and research on various topics, which is structured as a digital garden. You can explore my digital garden by following the link and navigating my notes as a graph.

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