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👋 Hey there, welcome to my site.


I’m an independent contractor specializing in Holochain development and distributed/interoperable application design. I’m currently working with Sprillow on a number of projects, including Acorn, one of the most mature holochain applications. I’m also working with the Perspect3vism team to develop infrastructure that will support an agent-centric, distributed, and interoperable web. One of the projects I am working on through this collaboration is Clutter, a fully distributed twitter alternative. You can find more of my development work by visiting my github profile.


I enjoy reading, writing, filmmaking and generally communicating challenging topics in accessible ways. You can explore some of my personal work by visiting my:

about this site

I am primarily using this site as a space to share my writing and research on various topics, which is structured as a digital garden. You can explore my digital garden by following the link and navigating my notes as a graph.

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