Epistemological toolkit

A set of tools, methods, frameworks, mental model, etc. for sense-making. This would also include the ways in which we channel information flows, process information flows, and internalize knowledge.

I’m particularly interested in the role of personal knowledge management as part of this toolkit, which I explore a bit in: networked note-taking and spaced-repetition software are scalable sense-making tools to help address the increasing knowledge complexity of the 21st century.

I also think a lot about how Holochain and other web3 technologies could enable new kinds of scalable, contextual and collaborative epistemological tools, for example, extending the compositional nature of programming to digital social coordination environments.

By making these kinds of cognitive practices more explicit, we can accelerate the much needed educational renaissance. This digital garden is an example of an “open-source epistemological toolkit” (or at least part of one).

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