Each zettel should be a unit of thought

[[ 2020-12-25 ]] #zettelkasten

For any zettelkasten to compound in value over time, each zettel needs to be able to contribute to a train thought productively and fluidly. These zettels need to be the building blocks of longer trains of thought, because long-form arguments are just strings of evergreen notes.

The title of the zettel aims to concisely capture the main thought or idea of the note, while [[ facts, examples, and stories go in the content of a zettel ]], which can backup the idea, thought, or claim.

By focusing on making a zettel a unit of thought, it can help with the process of [[ forging evergreen notes from literature notes ]], as it helps identify what kind of insight/knowledge is being distilled and what kind of notes should be written.

What is a unit of thought?

  • a declarative statement
  • a statement
  • a claim
  • a declaration
  • a cause and/or effect
  • a hypothesis
  • a process

What a unit of thought doesn’t need to be:

  • a factoid
  • an example
  • a story
  • data

All of these can rather live in the content to support the thought.

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